The PB Run Free Online Running Performance Club

The Inner Circle are the athletes i personally monitor. 

I provide them with the complete training package.

From initial injury Screening to Training and Recovery

And as with my professional athletes we will track everything.

I’ve learned over the years of working with Professional athletes and high training loads and volumes of what works and what doesn’t work to keep athletes healthy and durable.

I share my exact methods that I use every day with you to help you run injury free and more importantly stay injury free while achieving your running potential.



Runners Toolbox

Having the knowledge and support on hand is crucial for longterm development.

Access a complete structured program, providing you with everything you need.

Injury Screening

Screening is vital to staying injury free:

Every client logs their screening and testing results on my unique tracking records. These are constantly monitored to make sure you are on course to achieve your goals whilst staying injury free.

I’ll talk you through what you need to be looking for in every warmup. I’ll also show you my 4 pre-run markers a fundamental of my programs and used by professional athletes I’ve worked with.

Stretching Library

Access the most comprehensive running specific stretching library.

If after a run you find tightness forming in one particular area, login and get the stretch to relieve it before it becomes a problem.

Also, every stretch or exercise has a clear tutorial so you know you’re doing it correctly.

Core + Weight Training Programs

Learn how to train with weights correctly for running.

Every couple of weeks you’ll get new exercises to develop your core strength and build your base.

Core strength is at the heart of the PB Run Free high performance program and must be mastered before moving on. 

Don’t worry, every exercise is explained and tracked helping you reach your goals.

Foam Rolling Library

Recovery is just as important as the training itself, without a solid recovery plan injury will inevitably follow.

You also  have access to a complete foam rolling library, allowing you to release any muscle that needs to be released.

Videos of every exercise are available for you to use when you need it

Extra 1 Percent!

Nutrition + Psychology

Is a key part of every training plan and i make sure all my athlete understand the importance and difference this can make.

I work with some of the best nutritionists and psychologists in the country and we’re very lucky to have them join our Inner Circle community.

You’ll receive all of this!

Goal Tracking

Tracking your progress is a key part of success, all my professional athletes use the same tracking system you will use. 

I track and monitor every Inner Circle member to make sure they are on track to reach their goals.

24/7 Support from myself and my team

Support i crucial to get results, not only to monitor success and prevent injury and also for motivation. 

That’s why myself and my team provide 24/7 video support so you can get the answers you need when you want them.

There’s always someone to answer your questions regarding anything to do with your program.

The Inner Circle has it’s own private Facebook group where you can gain more help and motivation from other Inner Circle runners and coaches.

Nerve Release Library

The Nerve release library compliment the stretching  and foam rolling library allowing you to release any tightness keeping you on the road.

Training Manuals

PB Run Free Inner Circle

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